Joomla Scroll Back to Top Button

Joomla Scroll Back to Top Button

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Joomla Scroll Back to Top Button for Joomla websites. Lightweight, easy to use

What exactly does this Extension do?

When the visitor clicks, it helps the visitor go to the top of the page. It is a small but important detail, especially in terms of user experience. Thanks to this page scroll button, your site visitors can return to the top of the page with a single click.
You can also specify the scroll speed and offset (the starting point of the button display).

How can i install Joomla Scroll Back to Top Button?

The installation takes just a few minutes! After downloading the package, go to your Joomla website administrator > installer. Upload the file via installer. You will see a success message after the successful installation.

How to setup Joomla Scroll Back to Top Button?

Everything is very clearly explained in the extension admin panel. Just follow the steps and insert the code.
It's that simple.
If you have purchased a Premium package, you can request help from the developer by logging into the support section.

 Free Features

 100% Responsive - Cross browser support100% responsive and compatible with all mobile devices. Tested on different browsers.
 LightweightThe sum of the styles and scripts is less than 1.5 kB.
 Easy to Install and SetupYou do not need to be a pro. Install with Joomla installer and setup easily!
 Theme & Button Options4 ready-made Theme, 1 icon, 1 size, 1 shape, 1 effect
 No supportTo get support you will need to buy the Premium package
 1 Language PackageExtension is in English

 Premium Features

All the free features plus the following features :

 Premium Support from DeveloperYou can request support directly from the developer
 14 Language Translation Packages

English   Czech   Danish   German   Greek   Spanish   French   Italian   Dutch   Polish   Português   Russian Swedish   Turkish
Language files will be installed automatically.
If your language is not in the list send us a message after purchase.

 Theme & Button Options12 theme options
5 button icons
9 button positions
3 button size options
2 Effect options
 Unlimited Design AbilityIf 12 theme is not enough, you can easily add your own colors!
 Animated show and hideButton appears with pre-defined animations you choose.
 Scroll Level - Ofset - SpeedYou can define when to scroll and the speed for scroll
 Custom CSSYou can add your own css code in extension admin.
 Custom JSYou can add your own javascript code in extension admin.
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Item Specifications

Current Version
Created on
05 October 2022, Wednesday
Last updated on
14 October 2022, Friday
Joomla Module
Tested browsers
Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge
Files Included
HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, SVG
Mobile Compatibility
100% Responsive, tested on mobile devices

Joomla Scroll Back to Top Button,
Joomla Scroll Back to Top Button for Joomla websites. Lightweight, easy to use is reviewed
5.0 out of 5 by 10 CodePlazza™ Customers!


Translated in to 14 Languages.
K dispozici český překlad a jazykový soubor.Dansk oversættelse og sprogfil tilgængelig.Nederlandstalige bestanden beschikbaar.English translation and language file available.Des fichiers de langue en Français sont disponibles.Sprachdateien in Deutsch sind verfügbar.Διατίθεται Τουρκική μετάφραση και αρχείο γλώσσας.Sono disponibili file di lingua in Italiano.Arquivos de idioma em Português estão disponíveis.Доступен русский перевод и языковой файл.Los archivos de idioma en Español están disponibles.Svensk översättning och språkfil tillgänglig.Türkçe dil dosyaları mevcuttur.
* Available only for Premium Downloads

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Download Wordpress Joomla Scroll Back to Top Button There is wordpress plugin edition for Joomla Scroll Back to Top Button.
Download Wordpress Scroll Back to Top Button.